Thursday, June 23, 2011

2.5 lbs of seed...

Am thrilled to find the 2.5 lbs of wildflower seed I planted in April before leaving for the farm actually came up and I have flowers..... lots of pretty delicate looking flowers blooming in the upper garden area. Of course the weeds came up too, but I have been pulling them out so the sun can get to my wildflowers! Here's what this area looked like back in April.
Did quite a bit of stitching while at the farm. Here's the latest quilt top I am working on for the Hubby. He saw this pattern at a quilt show last year and that is all he has talked about since. Trust me, it's a good thing I like him, because I doubt I would piece another top like this.... it's foundation pieced and it wasn't easy. One good thing about foundation piecing is your blocks are more accurate which is important with a pattern like this. The undulating waves are made up of squares, rectangles and triangles, pieced to fool your eye into thinking they are curves. Very clever.

I'm happy to be back!