Monday, April 18, 2011

It's planting season...

It's time to head out in the fields to plant ..... looking forward to catching up with everyone when the last of the seeds are in the ground! Thanks for stopping by.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you see what is wrong in this photo?

I thought I would finish some sewing projects the other day that I started last summer... among the projects are three pairs of cotton "knock about" shorts for the Hubby. From the photo below, you can see I was having trouble deciding just where to attach the pockets. Trying to sew them together, I had one leg going side ways and the other straight down, had to chuckle when I realized what I had done..... one of the pockets was stitched to the bottom of one of the legs.
If you are like me, I hate to rip out and redo..... but did and here are the finished shorts. Only two more pair to go.
The past few months, we have been insulating and putting up siding in the garage to make it warmer in the winter for the Hubby to work out there. We are almost finished and have one last section to insulate and side ... pulling down the drywall on this area over the weekend, we discovered some termite damage. Notice where the weight of the wall mashed down the 2x4 from damage. Our soil here in this area of Oklahoma is red and you can see the red dirt on the walls where the termites were tunneling. Luckily, the damage wasn't bad and the house and garage have been treated, so hopefully these destructive buggers won't be munching at our home again. The worst of the damage was concentrated here at the bottom and on a couple of studs in the wall ... now we have new treated lumber replacing the termite buffet. 
On a happier note..... our dogwoods are blooming. Am thrilled since we didn't really get much in the way of blooms last year.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another fabric give-a-way...

Check this site out to win this treasure of Waverly fabric...... if I understand it correctly, you can win 5 bundles of Waverly fabric totaling 5 yards a bundle. How awesome would that be

Fabric give-a-way...

Hop over to the Piecedonearth blog for a chance to win this bundle of fat quarters by fabric designer, Riley Blake.

Meredith from Piecedonearth, is one of the 75 finalists in the Spoonflower | Michael Miller Project Selvage contest. Here is her winning design. If you haven't already voted, please vote for her design. 

I found out about her give-a-way and her design via one of my favorite quilt store's FaceBook posting, so I think she may be a local girl and that would be awesome to have an "Okie" win this contest.

Thanks and have a good week.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April showers...

Found out today I didn't make the cut in the fabric contest. After viewing the 75 designs that are the picks for this round of the contest, I realize how much I have to learn and have learned by just designing a piece and entering it. There are some wonderful designs that were chosen ...... would definitely add them to my stash if they were printed fabrics!

Hubby said just doing the creative thing and entering the contest was probably the most important part. He's right, but don't tell him. Anyhow, I realize that I have found an awesome resource where I can get my designs printed for my own use and or gifts ..... and there is satisfaction in that .... my head is full of all sorts of ideas.

Meanwhile, here's the link to the 75 designs that have been chosen for the Michael Miller|Spoonflower contest. I think you can vote on your favorite design(s) without having to sign up on their web site. Give it a try.

Spoonflower also runs in-house contests periodically and the theme for the one that ends tomorrow is "rain". Here's a design I put together yesterday using my watercolors, Adobe Illustrator and the scanner. I think you can tell one of my favorite colors is lime green.
Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments and wishes..... I really love it when you visit.