Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fresh from the Garden...

It's my birthday this week and I received the nicest surprise in the mail yesterday... this WONDERUL wall quilt from my friend, Vicki. I was thrilled... what a AWESOME BFF I have, don't you agree!! I love the embroidery which she did from a sampler found on eBay and the lime green and checkered borders are perfect... it went up on the dining area wall immediately. Also love the hand written label on the back of the quilt... I like that it tells the history of this art quilt. THANK YOU, THANK YOU again, Vicki!

Free Patterns: 
I have some freebees that I want to offer to anyone interested. Vicki shared a box of vintage embroidery, crochet and quilt related patterns with me recently. They are from an estate sale. We both have gone through them, saving what interested us, so now I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to have a bundle of vintage patterns. I have bundled them in to categories: kitchen related, pillowcases, Aunt Martha, vintage crochet, vintage quilt related and a big pile of miscellaneous embroidery patterns. They are available on a first come, first served basis. just leave me your e-mail address in a "comment" and I'll get in touch with you. See the photos below for a sample of what I'm offering. 

Kitchen related:
Aunt Martha:
Vintage crochet:
Quilt related:
Miscellaneous patterns: (not the whole box, just what is in front)
Just to clarify, if you are interested in say the "kitchen related" patterns, let me know and I'll send you the whole bundle. So there are 5 bundles of delightful goodies here if you like this sort of thing. Thanks for looking!

"The greatest gift is a portion of 
thyself" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! That hanging from your friend is fabulous, something to cherish. Wow - what a collection of patterns.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday!
It's a lovely gift from your friend and I'm sure the bundles will be well appreciated.
Best wishes, Connie.

l.wilks11 said...

What a great friend you have to have made you something from the heart. Hope you have a lovrly lovely birthday.........xx

Tiziana said...

Fresh from the Garden and from the heart!! I love that embroidery and the finishing!
Your collection of patterns is beautiful. I have a lot of crochet italian patterns, one day I'll publish them on the blog, do you need something?
The iron-on patterns you have posted could be interesting for me... but the mailing price is a bit expensive for Italy!

Tiziana said...

Dear Donna, yesterday I've received that amazing collection of patterns!!!! What a gift!!!And you spent A LOT of money to send them to Italy!
I'm just trying to find the time to appreciate them all...The Aunt Martha's, for example, are so beautifully vintage and fresh... truly lovely, and quite rare for us in Italy!!!WOW!!!!!
And I've found also a super-pretty creation for me, the pincushion is funny and is already in use!!!
Check out your mailbox next weeks..I hope that a little Spring-vintage gift will find the road to your home (I've used the address that I've read on your packet).
THANK YOU!!!!!!!