Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birds, buttons and half-size shirts...

Found this DIY mobile kit illustrated by Scottish artist, Alice Melon, on-line recently. It came in the mail last week and I couldn't wait to cut out the adorable birds for a wire mobile structure I have been saving for the right piece of art. There were 5 birds in this kit but the mobile has 9 hangers, so I quickly made some paper flowers to fill the other spots and glued buttons to the centers to add some weight to offset the birdies.

Here's a couple of links to Alice Melvin's art: and Her illustrations are so fun and fresh!
The little guys seemed hungry once put together, so I'm sure they appreciated this plate of food.
Now to find the right spot to hang this whimsical creation.
Yesterday was another fun day with my friend Vicki. Quilt show, lunch, and a trip to Goodwill to buy men's shirts. We are quickly running out of the madras fabric that is the mainstay for our coop project and since madras isn't available in the fabric stores, she thought we should check Goodwill for men's plaid shirts. We hit the jack pot and came away with 20 to 25 all cotton, plaid shirts..... perfect for our project. And the price was right! We split the shirts, so I guess this lends a new meaning to men's half-size shirts.
Buttons are now removed and saved for another day and one mountain of shirts ready to be washed and harvested for the nice cotton fabric.
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l.wilks11 said...

love your bird mobiles they look so real!. Can't wait for the boot sales here in England to start as this is where i like to rummage for old clothing or anything that i can use for my art and craft work.

Anja said...

The mobile is very nice! Love the photo with the birds with their bird food :-)