Sunday, August 15, 2010

My first attempt at "blogging"

Wanted to share a current project I am working on with a long-time friend. The collaboration is a quilt/wall hanging featuring appliqued butterflies and moths. We are making 12 blocks each and will exchange 6 of our blocks with each other when done. It's fun to see the uniqueness and creativity we each are bringing to this project. I am learning to applique in addition to discovering how fun it is to embellish with beads, buttons, thread, etc.

The first applique is of a Spanish Moon Moth. Hence the circle of beads representing the moon in the upper right side.

Below is the second block in this series: a Blue Swallowtail Butterfly

My third block in the series is: a Lo Moth

The patterns for all our butterflies and moths are from Darcy Ashton's book, Butterfly Dance, Ashton Publications, 2006.

In addition to learning some new techniques and allowing myself the freedom of expression with all sorts of embellishments, I have fallen in love with batiks. Will certainly plan another project using batik fabrics in the near future.

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