Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lots and lots of plastic...

We are getting the upper level of the back yard ready for the wild flower seeds I want to plant next spring. We laid down black plastic (100' x 16') across the upper level of the back yard - that's a lot of plastic. Hoping it does the job especially in killing the bermuda and crab grass that currently lives in that part of our yard. From what I have read, bermuda grass has It has deep rhizomes that are difficult to kill. For all I know, the bermuda grass is probably sending out shoots right now looking for the edge of the plastic only to continue growing next spring. I have been told it will do this. UGH!

Don't you just love sunflowers - they are so happy - bought these at the supermarket. To date, haven't been successful in growing my own - will try again next year.

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Working with cloth said...

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