Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's time to embellish...

Have finished appliqueing my 6 butterfly and 6 moth blocks in the wall hanging project my friend and I are collaborating on. Now it's time to go back and start embellishing each block with threads, beads, etc. Originally, I embellished the first 4 blocks after appliqueing - but decided to wait on this part of the creative process for the remaining 8 blocks. Will show each block as I finish them.

Wanted to share this photo of my husband's mother's embroidery tin. It's such a treasure having it. I love the way she wrapped her extra thread around pieces of cardboard collected from random sources such as cereal boxes, etc. The metal embroidery hoop still has the price tag attached - 81¢ from TG&Y. Remember TG&Ys - their philosophy was "have what people want at a price they can afford to pay"? This chain store started here in Oklahoma back in 1936, several years ahead of the Wal-Mart chain. Growing up, I just loved going to TG&Y to buy fabric.

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Vicki said...

I can see parts of your butterfly blocks and they look wonderful! I could use a dash of your inspiration! I finished two blocks yesterday, so I am up to 6--4 butterflies and 2 moths.

Steve's mom's embroidery tin is special--you are so lucky to have it.