Thursday, September 2, 2010

A brood of hens...

I recently made 16 pot holders as thank you gifts for our neighbors back in Indiana. We moved this spring leaving the best neighbors ever.....we really miss these dear people too. Anyhow, they gave us a wonderful send-off party and a lovely birdbath to grace our yard at our new home in Oklahoma. One additional gift my husband received was a rooster to sit on the shelf to remind him of when he was "the only rooster in the hen house." The story behind that is, my husband is a handy man and at one time I counted 26 ladies he did jobs for - many of them included our neighbors. So you can see why these pot holders needed their "hen" theme.

The pattern is from Quiltmania NÂș76, a French|British quilting magazine that I discovered at one of the quilt stores I frequented back in Indiana. The magazine has lots of wonderful articles and includes a section of pull-out life-size patterns which is a great plus as the price is around $11.

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