Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More butterflies and moths

Block Nº 8 in the series is the Twin-Spotted Sphinx moth.

Block Nº 9:  is an Apollo butterfly.


Block Nº 10 is the Arched Hook-tip moth. Added some leaf-shaped glass beads hanging from an embroidered vine on this block. Am thinking about adding some extra touches like this to some of my other blocks – but not all of them as I don't want to over embellish.

Block Nº 11 is everyone's favorite butterfly – the Monarch butterfly.

The final block for our wall hanging, block Nº 12 is the Question Mark butterfly.

My friend, Vicki, is working to finish embellishing her 12 blocks despite her sewing room is temporarily displaced to their garage while they are getting new carpet. Then we need to decide on how to "exchange" 6 of our blocks with each other. Thoughts are that we would number the blocks and draw numbers or perhaps put the blocks in a paper sack and take turns drawing out blocks. Any ideas out there?

Will share the finished hangings once both are done.


Vicki said...

I love your color combinations. And I'm confident our dark/light blocks wil complement each other. Another thought on the we want to make sure that we not have two blocks of the same butterfly or moth in one quilt? Or does it matter since our blocks are different?

dls said...

I thought about the possibility of having two of the same butterflies – but it doesn't matter to me – our blocks are different and will compliment each other.

Lisa Lorenz said...

Looking forward to seeing the final project. I like the idea of pulling them out of a basket. Or playing quarters for them?:)

Karen L R said...

these are beautiful! and thanks for popping over to my place!

Christie said...

These are gorgeous! You are very talented!