Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometimes mistakes are made...

I let myself be talked into picking this turquoise color to paint a primitive-type shelf that we have sitting on our front porch area. Wanted a color to compliment the cushions I made for the glider – normally, I would have chosen a variation of a lime green that is in the fabric. But, my hubby picked the paint to match some of the turquoise blue in the fabric. YIKES! If we lived by the ocean, this would be a wonderful beach color. But we are near the "shores" of the Arkansas River as it flows through northeastern Oklahoma. The shelf is getting repainted. Will should you the new color soon.

This past week has been project week at our house. Here's a wonderful mid century solid "rock maple" dresser that I stripped and painted with a Behr paint. The color is called "Bleached Linen". Don't you just love the names they (whoever "they" are) give to paint. Sometimes, I just feel like painting a wall or piece of furniture just because of the name given to a color. Consequently, choosing paint is a fun part of the process, but I can also agonize over making the right color choice – just need to realize it can be repainted!

The green glass pulls on the drawers make the dresser more "cottage-like" and they are much more aesthetic than the original wood pulls that looked like large peanuts. 

The name of the furniture maker is burned on the side of one of the drawers. This was a pleasant surprise, since we had recently moved from Indiana. Not much to be found on the internet about "Peter Klerner Furniture" other than there were several Klerner furniture makers in the Corydon area. So I am just guessing on the date on this piece being from the 40s or 50s based on the design.

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