Monday, August 23, 2010

Patchwork coasters

I had forgotten how hot it gets in Oklahoma during the summer and it has been especially hot this year - my first full summer back home. We drink lots of ice tea and have been battling water rings left from the condensation that gathers on the outside of our glasses. Decided to make some patch work coasters in an effort to use up some 2.5 inch squares of 30s and 40s fabric from a recent quilt project. The coasters are padded with mylar insulated fleece which I thought would act as a barrier to stop any water from making rings on our tables. While the coasters do absorb the "sweat" from the glasses, I forgot that the fabric would also wick any water through to the back side of the coaster. Oh well, they are still pretty, but we continue to take care where we sit our glass of tea when we use them.


rebekka said...

Those are precious! I love patchwork so much right now...I keep dreaming of yards and yards of it for quilts and pillows!


lauren carney said...

your blog is rather fancy!
I enjoy the snap shots and lovely finds!
x o x

dls said...


Trust me, I am far from fancy. Thanks for the kind words on my photos - love taking them and try to capture the moment.

PS: Your illustrations are refreshing and fun.

Škorčica said...

I'm admiring your quilting-work. You are so good at it!

And by the way: what a coincidence - I was struggling yesterday and couldn't find English word for those little things you saw on my blog and now I know it - COASTERS! :)

Thanks again for your visit!