Monday, October 25, 2010

Fossils and fabric and buttons, oh my...

As Dorothy said, "there is no place like home". We are done helping with this year's harvesting of corn and beans. It has been a dry year, so the corn yield was down. Seeing friends and former neighbors again was wonderful even though we didn't get to visit everyone we would have liked.

In addition to helping with the harvest, we visited around with friends, helping with various chores and fix-it jobs, like building several wheel chair ramps, fixing a deck, changing a leaking faucet, reupholstering 6 dining chairs and re-gluding their legs, taking photos for a friend for eBay, etc.

Per usual, we came home loaded to the gills with treasures. It wasn't all work, there was some play time, like visiting fabric and quilt stores, a favorite thrift store in addition to Goodwill and our favorite the Half Price Book Store.

The Wabash River bank gave up some interesting fossil rocks to add to my rock collection. One of the books I read this past month was Tracy Chevalier's Remarkable Creatures. If you like historical fiction, read her books. Anyhow, one thing mentioned in Remarkable Creatures was the amount of time one can spend walking the beach, constantly looking down, searching for rocks and fossils. I find time spent like this so relaxing and you never know what lovely piece of nature you may discover.

There was a wonderful fabric store in Kalamazoo that had a lovely sale (22% off) on a 100% cotton. This included the wonderful quilt store quality fabrics.

The best of this plunder, is all the lovely cotton fabric, buttons and creative notions June, a very generous friend gave me from her fall cleaning spree. She had a quilt shop in one of her lives, so you know the fabric is awesome. It's all washed now and waiting to be sorted by color. I think some of the fabric will be used to make charity quilt tops for babies and young children. 

What can I say, thank you again, June.

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Judy Hartman said...

Those stacks of fabrics are tantalizing! Wonderful for sparking creativity!