Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zipping along...

We visited some good friends in southern Indiana recently. I never dreamed how much fun a zip line could be. We were ready to go again.
Our friend's father and uncle are extremely creative. It's always fun to see what new creations they have added to their adjoining places. Like this anatomically correct buffalo made from pine cones, real cattle horns, etc. 
Smokey the bear's newest friend is also crafted with pine cones and complete with wooden ears and snout.
They not only have a sense of humor, but they are becoming masters of chain saw sculpture. This handsome guy (another of their creations) fresh from the cigar store, is currently residing in the round out-house that they built from an old grain bin. 
The out-house is a handy addition to the nearby shelter where family and friends gather frequently (at the shelter, that is). The door and hardware are even crafted to complete the curve of the building. This is probably the more adorable "out-house" ever .... it looks like something right out of Tolkien's The Hobbit
This big fellow is a commission they recently finished.

Isn't it fun having creative friends who enjoy life so much!


Janean said...

zip lining, buffalo and bear, oh my!

great post!

Kim Carney said...

I LOVE the pine cone bison! How wonderful