Saturday, October 30, 2010

Giants on the prairie

Wanted to share some photos from the time spent helping with the harvest of corn and beans this year. I marvel to think how many bushels of corn or soy beans these bins are capable of holding. Could you imagine counting each individual kernel of corn or bean that go into these giants. And there are hundreds and hundreds of these scattered across the county. 

This Aermotor was intact and pumping water for livestock. So many times, all you see are skeletons of these lovely sculptures.

I read at one time, the water windmill numbered over 6 million across the U.S. landscape. The wind turbine seems to be trying to catch up with it smaller cousin. I am in awe over how large these structures are. Here's a quick link comparing sizes:

Couldn't resist stopping to snap photos of this adorable 35 ft. tall creature. He's a "fire breathing" steel dragon located in Vandalia, Illinois. Googling him, I learned he really "breathes" fire when fed tokens you can buy for $1 at a nearby liquor store. Will have to check that out the next time we go that way.

Here are the true giants on the prairie:

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