Friday, February 11, 2011

"... All creatures great and small..."

Because of the record snow fall and cold temperatures here in northeastern Oklahoma, we have been extra diligent in feeding the birds these past two weeks. Giving them extra seed through out the day and watching as they gather to eat. I have counted at least 15 different species of birds at our feeder:
     Dark eyed Juncos
     Sparrows (various)
     Tufted titmouse
     Mourning doves
     Gold finches
     Blue jay
     Bewick's wren
     Redwing blackbird
     House finch
            and two predator birds:
                Red tail hawk
                Sharp shin hawk

One of my favorites is the Bewick's wren.... they are soooo sweet looking, yet don't seem to frighten as quickly as the other birds do if you make a quick movement.
Love the way the they flit their little tails around and their little butts are so cute, don't you agree?

Last week, a red tail hawk swooped down to nab a dove under the feeder. Both hit the patio door with a bang in the battle that ensued... the dove managed to get away and the hawk flew off hungry. Looking out the window this morning, while getting my first cup of coffee, I saw this sharp shin hawk munching away on his breakfast hardly three feet away from me. I feel bad for his prey, but felt blessed to be so close to this wonderful creature.
All things bright and beautiful, 
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.
                      Cecil F. Alexander. 1848


Quiet Quilter said...

Am showing your pictures to my DH, who loves get such clear close pictures! Beautiful!

Tiziana said...

Fantastic!!!! How many sweet and proud creatures! I'll try to learn well their names in English...:) !!
I live near the countryside, but I never saw all these kinds of birds!
Thank God they still live!!! We have a little natural reserve near my town Valenza, it's called Garzaia. Maybe I'll post something about it, when I'll have some pictures!
Have a nice day! Tiziana

l.wilks11 said...

Lovely to see how you have captured the beautiful birds in your garden..... Spring is well on its way here in England and our birds are now in full bird song looking for a mate to nest with.....We have a pair of green woodpeckers who visit our garden every year. They are green with a distintive red head and very shy, so if we we're not quick enough we could easily miss them. xx

Anja said...

Oh you make me wish I had a garden! Great photos. Have a lovely weekend!