Monday, February 28, 2011

Belated birthday gift, Chinese coins & cabin fever...

Haven't been blogging much the past couple of weeks. I wondered into the eBay arena about three weeks ago with no idea how consuming that can be.... it's like a full time job! Have wanted to sell some old jewelry and craft supplies that I no longer wanted, but was putting it off for months..... was a bit intimidated by the postage aspect of eBay, etc. I have bought things on eBay (mostly postcards and embroidery kits), but I hadn't sold anything on-line since the late 90's. Anyhow, I can see how addicting eBay can be, not only buying, but selling too! I am trying to decided what else I can part with that might become someone else's treasure OR do I try "picking" and posting for selling. It's a thought that I am mulling over in my mind. Some extra cash would be nice. 

Am also toying with trying an Etsy store... I enjoy being creative and making things... what can I make... what will be of interest that 3,000 others aren't doing also, etc... I also love vintage and there's room for that on Etsy too. Lots to think about and|or do.

Meanwhile, Vicki (the BFF) and I spent a day going to some local quilt and needlework shops in our area. Just what we both needed to cure some cabin fever .... besides, what girl doesn't enjoy a girl's day out! We need to do that again soon. We started to Skype again last evening and I love communicating with Skype... it's like a show and tell and talk session while staying home in your pjs. 

Here's my belated birthday present from Vicki..... I LOVE IT.... she made it from some of the left over batiks that we used in our moth and butterfly project. Can you see the beads and charms hanging from the button on top of the cover. Our coop projects have taken both Vicki and I down the road of embellishments..... that is so fun!
In an earlier post I showed some Australian fabric I found at one of my favorite quilt stores. I have been collecting fat quarters on each visit the past few months. I love the colors and texture created by the patterns in these fabrics.
Saturday afternoon I started cutting 6.5" x 2" strips of fabric... here's is the Chinese coin lap quilt I am piecing with my Aussie fabrics. The gray lattice fabric has a small pattern similar to a tight wood grain.... this gray really ties the myriad of colors and patterns together and lends the top very contemporary feel. Ran out of the gray and as soon as I can get more (if there is any left ... it was on sale and I bought 6.5 yards for two projects), I plan to run borders on the top and bottom. 
Have more photos of finished projects, etc. to share, but will wait, don't want to inundate you all.

How many of you were happy over Colin Firth winning the Oscar (the King's Speech was awesome, too) ..... but, isn't he just yummy? Have a great week.


Jennifer said...

Love your machine cover, your friend has great ideas! So do you, with the Chinese coin quilt - those prints are really set off well by grey.

l.wilks11 said...

What a great post! You have been a busy bee these last few weeks surfing the Ebay. Hope you made lots of money!! You quilting is amazing, so creative and visually pleasing to the eye. As regards to Colin Firth "yes" he is yummy, but at my age only in my dreams...........How sad is that!!!! GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK IN BLOGGER LAND!

l.wilks11 said...

Oh i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for whenever it was. You have a great friend to give you such a lovely gift. xxxxx

Tiziana said...

Hello, I'm happy to see your new things!! The present from your friend has very attractive batiks, and I do love your Aussie Chinese coins top!!!! How I wish to have something like this!!
I've never tried to sell online. If you'll open an Etsy shop...let us know!
have a wonderful week!