Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Girl...

Here's a baby quilt top I just finished for a young lady that was born this past November. She's the great-niece of a friend of mine in Colorado and is the first girl to be born into the family in over 30 years. Her mom was on bed-rest for 11 weeks prior to her birth, so she is truly a much-awaited for little one.

I made half-square triangles for the blocks, but instead of following the "broken dishes" pattern, I sewed the squares together randomly.
Here's a close up of the pieced area on the backing. I embroidered a block with baby's name and a little pink birdie to say "welcome" to the world, Ana. I like to include a pieced area on my quilt backs for two reasons: it gives a bit of personality to the back of a quilt and helps extend the backing fabric when extra fabric is needed around the perimeter for machine quilting.

I read somewhere that you shouldn't use checked fabric for backing. I didn't follow this rule if it is a rule... besides I love the printed brown checks... have had it for several years and the color and print works well with the other fabrics! Will take photos to post when I get the quilt back from being quilted.
Oh no, I just looked out the window and it is snowing again. I didn't believe the weather person because you know they are never wrong!

Thanks for visiting and for leaving your welcome comments. I appreciate them, even if I don't get around to e-mailing each of you individually. 


TIKA said...

So sweet!
Lovely quilt for lovely baby girl. I like the embroidery, such a lovely welcome to the world.

Tiziana said...

What a delicate baby quilt! And I love the gentle embroidery, too. The colours are elegant, the randomness always adds interest!
(I've never sewn quilts with triangles,mostly because I sew everything by hand!)
And...a curiosity: why a quilter shouldn't use checked fabrics for backing?
Have a nice day and thanks for your visit!Tiziana

Jennifer said...

Oh, that was so cute! Little Ana is one lucky girl.

Vicki said...

Beautiful little quilt! Your half-square triangles are perfect! And the embroidery adds a nice personal touch!
I haven't heard about not using checks on backs of quilts, but I have read discussions about using checks and stripes since they need an extra measure of checking to make sure they are straight. But now everyone is so inovative--crooked checks and stripes have a personality all their own!

l.wilks11 said...

Hi Donna i have just altered my blog so hopefully you can open the site now.
Oh!!! how lovely your quilt is, so beautifully made. How lucky the little girl is to be given such a wonderful present, made with so much love. Like all babies they are all so precious.xxx

Anja said...

A beautiful quilt, love the embroidery!

Mary J. said...

Wow thanks it gave me a boost to see you birds. I live in Tucson and the temp here is 80 today and no sweater tonight as we go off to dinner.