Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday nite, bath nite...

We are 99% done with the master bath remodel.... just need to do some touch-up painting and fill nail holes. I think every bathroom needs some art, esp. this one since this remodel has taken in honor of the remodel, I created this art quilt for one of the walls this past week.
Close-up showing the awesome acrylic buttons I found at a local quilt store.
Ignore the blue painter's tape you see reflected in the mirror (which still needs to be hung)....the ceiling in the shower needs to be painted yet....somehow that got over looked. I am so loving the job the hubby did with building the corner cupboard out of two upper-kitchen cabinets. It turned out to be the least expensive way to deal with storage for a small space.
Somewhere along the way during this remodel, I talked the hubby into making this jewelry rack using random knobs I found on sale at Anthropologie. The weathered board is a "floating panel" from a door we took off the old milk shed at the farm in Indiana. Love having this piece of history on my wall.

"We were Christians after all, or so we told ourselves every Sunday from 10 o’clock til noon."
Roxanna Slade, Reynolds Price

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Jennifer said...

Nice job on the bathroom - what a clever idea for the corner cupboards! Love your necklace display board too, I may just borrow that idea.