Friday, August 10, 2012

To the moon, Alice...

One plant that seems to be thriving in our extreme heat is my Moonflower (Datura). In "googling" moonflower for more information for this posting, I discovered how poisonous this plant is....YIKES....I never knew. Thankfully, we have no small children about nor do we have any intention to digest this plant, we are just enjoying the size of the plant and the multitude of blooms. 
"For example,Datura have the property of being able to change size of plant, size of leaf, and size of flowers, 
all depending on location. The same species, when growing in a half-shady damp location can 
develop into a flowering bush half as tall as a person, but when growing in a very dry location will 
only grow into a thin little plant just higher than the ankles, with tiny flowers and a few miniature leaves."  Wikipedia

My plant is in the upper part of the garden and gets all the sun has to offer from about 11 a.m. on and I really haven't been watering it as much as my other plants.....yet it seems to be thriving. Actually I think this may be two or three Daturas that have banded together as one.

A close-up of one of the lovely trumpet-shaped the delicate ruffle around the edge.
Before blooming, the bud is a lovely creamy butter color.
The seed|fruit pod on the Datura....the spines on this pod are very prickly especially when it's dried. (Thank you Wikipedia for this pod photo.)
Mr. Dragonfly seems to enjoy his perch on a piece of glass in my flower bed.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ―John Steinbeck


Jennifer said...

That's very pretty - and isn't it interesting that the size of the plant is governed by the growing location!

Karen L R said...

gorgeous photos.

and it's funny, but I would reverse the steinbeck quote. i find the warmth of summer hard to bear and love the sweetness of winter's chill.