Sunday, July 24, 2011

Couldn't continue sewing on the "disappearing 9-patch" top I am making from my Kaffee Fassett stash, that is until I made a new pin cushion today. I have discovered the need for a pin cushion, needle threader and thimble in every room..... how many of  you feel way?
Spent the day with my friend, Vicki, last Wednesday. We sewed all day except for the couple of time-outs to have a piece of strawberry yogurt pie and take a trip to the quilt store. Vicki shared a new (to me) piecing pattern called "disappearing 9-patch". Here are a couple of great links that explain how to do this fun and fast block:  
I have been stashing away some of those wonderful Kaffe Fassett fabrics for a few months, but was feeling intimidated  thinking about what to make with them. Thanks to Vicki, this particular pattern seems to be perfect for those colorful fabrics. I am using Michael Miller's solid jet black fabric along with 3 Kona fabrics (a dusty lavender, a teal and a bright orange) for the center block on the 9-patch. If you haven't had a opportunity to use this "rich black", you should... it is lovely and reminds me of the rich black I would build in my computer programs for graphic design projects. Just delicious!

Butterfly|Moth wall quilt finished!
I recently finished quilting the butterfly|moth quilt I started last summer. This quilt was a "collaboration" project with Vicki. We each  appliquéd butterfly and moth blocks using batiks that we selected for the project, then embellished the blocks with embroidery and/or beads, buttons, etc. Before piecing our 12 blocks together, we traded each other 6 of our blocks. Up to this point, we had not shared much of our handwork on this project. So, it was a pleasant surprise at this juncture of our collaboration. Here are the finished wall quilts. This top image is of Vicki's quilt. There is a slight difference in the fabrics and treatment we chose for piecing the borders, other than that, all the fabrics used are the same yet the difference is in how and where we used them.
This is my finished wall quilt.
I'll take some close-ups of the blocks to share later. You can see the progression of my quilt in my earlier blogging:
It's Sunday evening about 8:50 p.m. here and the temperature outside is 100º... YIKES! 

Thanks for visiting and hope you have a very creative week. 


Jennifer said...

Aren't those butterfly quilts gorgeous....similar, but oh-so-different when finished! Love the disappearing 9 patch, those bright fabrics make it really good.

Tiziana said... gorgeous creations...I love both the butterflies quilts and the one in progress!!! Beautiful pattern for KF! Tiziana

l.wilks11 said...

How clever you are to make such lovely patchwork and with so much talent......

What i would give to be able to do that..... Well i may suprise you soon as i have just signed up for a patchwork course in September. We are going to make an American sampler quilt.. For beginners.

I was inspired by Kaffee Fassett in the eighties by his glorious needlepoint, but was not aware of his fabrics until Sunday when i picked up one of his books at the bootsale. I didn't buy it, but i wish i had now......

Thanks for your kind comments.......xx

TIKA said...

That is a piece of art!

Karen L R said...


both the nine patch and the butterflies.

well done!

dls said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and visiting my blog this busy time of summer!

Connie said...

Gorgeous fabrics and the butterfly quilts are delightful.
I don't think I'd survive in your temperatures - we sometimes go to 80, and I'm wilting then!
Mostly it's much cooler here.
For the padded coat hangers I just googled around the idea and then cut a rectangle of fabric a little longer than the hanger and gathered it over the padding (strips of wadding) I had wrapped round the old hanger - a sort of hotchpotch, not as beautiful as some of the patterns, but easy to do!
You must have some lovely fabric scraps you could use up that way.
I hope you enjoy making a few recycles - I can't stop, but I'm almost at the end of old hangers.